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Cabinetmaking covers the manufacture of free-standing and built-in furniture and units, using wood at the sole or main material. It may include the design of furniture, but normally comprises the creation of furniture and units from designs prepared by others.

The cabinetmaker will produce, interpret and/or adapt drawings, set out and measure, cut, form joints, assemble, install if need be, and finish to a high standard. The quality of his/her work will show in:

  • The selection of the wood and other materials;
  • The placing of the wood to bring out its particular characteristics;
  • Construction techniques which allow for the natural movement of timber to achieve longevity and quality in the furniture piece;
  • The selection of additional materials including veneers and fittings;
  • The near-perfect fit of each part following accurate measurement, cutting and assembly, and
  • The final appearance of the item.