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Restaurant Service


The restaurant service practitioner provides high quality food and drink service to guests. The practitioner is likely to work in a hotel or restaurant. However, the size, nature and quality of these establishments can vary enormously from internationally renowned hotel chains to smaller, privately owned, more intimate restaurants. The quality, style, and level of service provided and expected by guests will also vary and can range from simple self-service operations to elaborate service styles where dishes can be prepared at the guests’ table.

High quality food and drink service requires the practitioner to have extensive knowledge of

international cuisine, beverages, and wines. They must have a complete command of accepted serving rules and must know the preparation of speciality dishes and drinks at the guests’ table or in the bar.

The food server is a key person in providing guests the meal experience. Skill and resourcefulness, good manners, excellent interaction with guests, excellent personal and food hygiene practices, smart appearance, and practical ability are all essential.