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Mechatronics combines various skills from mechanics, pneumatics, hydraulics, electronics, computer technology, to robotics and systems development.

Working with robotics and intelligent equipment, mechatronics technicians are trained to have multi-craft skills: design, build, commission, maintain, repair, and adjust automated industrial equipment, and also program equipment control systems and human machine interfaces.

The more common and visible mechatronics appliances include shop tills (belt and cash register assemblies) and automated bottle machines. Industrial applications include automated production and process lines that include assembly, packaging, filling, labelling, and testing, as well as automated distribution and logistics systems.

Above are only a several examples from numerous applications of mechatronics  economic sectors: Biotechnology, Life Science & Medical; Electronics & Applied Computer Equipment; Telecommunications & Information Services; Distribution, Transportation & Logistics; Heavy & Special Trade Construction; Energy, Mining & Related Support Services; Petroleum Refining & Chemical; Transportation Equipment; Production Support & Industrial Machinery; Agriculture, Forestry & Food; Aerospace, Homeland Security and Defense.


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