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Fashion Technology

A strong sense of fashion trends and appreciation of fabrics are two of the core skills of fashion technology. Whether designers are creating prototypes for mass production or unique bespoke garments for a single client, they are expected to know how to source, buy, and store all types of raw materials and fabrics and then translate designs into wearable clothes for any occasion. The designer must apply the rules and theory of composition including design elements and principles as well as construction technique. They are often creative and artistic, with a good eye for design and the ability to create pleasing and functional garments, suitable for their purpose. In addition, a thorough knowledge and understanding of specialist equipment and its use is essential. Excellent customer care and selling skills are also important. As some work is often commissioned for important events, the designer must understand the needs of the client and be able to offer appropriate expert advice whilst interpreting the vision for the finished project. Customer briefs must be clearly understood and followed accurately.