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S/N Cluster Official Company Name Booth Activity Synopsis
1 Engineering Huawei International Pte. Ltd Students will be able to see and have a quick feel on how to train the machine to recognize objects or images. Technology is for all, how these technologies can be used to sustain the environment / save the rainforest.
2 Engineering Singapore Indoor Farms Pte Ltd Students will be able to see
- Automated Indoor Vertical Hydroponic Farm using IoT
- IoT Dashboard for remote monitoring and control
- Germination process and plants life cycle
- PH and EC for plants growth
- Grow media for farmin
3 Engineering Singapore Institute of Power and Gas on behalf of
Energy and Power Sector
Students will learn about the workforce that keep Singapore’s lights on every day. Student will learn that a career in the Energy and Power sector offers many opportunities for progression and growth. Students will learn about the challenges Singapore is facing in this energy transition. Students will learn about the current and future skillsets required in the industry.
4 Engineering Singapore Semiconductor Industry Association Promoting the Semiconductor industry. Creating greater awareness about the semiconductor industry.
5 Engineering Micron Semiconductor Asia Operations Pte Ltd Human Library where students will get to hear firsthand experiences from Engineers on key skills that will be
important for the industry. 
6 Engineering EVIDENT Activity will include detecting different material using
NDT (nondestructive testing) device
7 Engineering Allalloy Dynaweld Pte Ltd Experience and try out the latest Virtual VRTEX Welding Trainer.
8 Engineering LTA Activity will include driving the SMRT Train
9 Info-comm Technology NCS Group Pte Ltd NCS showcase of our technology and innovation
10 Info-comm Technology CloudMile PTE LTD  At the CloudMile booth we will be providing personal engagement to students to assist them with understanding what it entails to be in the growing industry of cloud. We will be presenting it through the following booth showcase:

1) Flyers sharing on the day in a life of working in Cloud Native Company
2) Hands on experience on looking at how Cloud and Data transform to support different customer’s use cases
3) 101 sharing on the different cloud skill sets required to pursue a career in tech and more importantly how to kick start with internship opportunities
11 Info-comm Technology Zenitant Pte Ltd In this booth, students will be given an overview of the various digital making creations using cardboards and iOT.
12 Info-comm Technology Amazon Web Services Singapore Students will be able to learn more about AWS cloud computing with hands on interactive panels and learn how to acquire cloud skills that employers value.
13 Info-comm Technology Guangdong Vcom Education Technology Co., Ltd. Network cabing, optoelectronic technology, electrical installation career development 
14 Info-comm Technology CTC Global Pte Ltd 1. Company profile2. List of vacancies
3. Speak to relevant parties to understand more on the company and the different job scopes
4. Showcase of Apprentice project
5. Quizzes and prize
15 Info-comm Technology Singapore Pte Ltd • Have fun with our hands on demo on how to create a profile on the Trailhead Platform
• Learn and earn a virtual badge
• Win some prizes 
16 Info-comm Technology VM Education Pte Ltd An educational booth about VEX Robotics and its educational continuum – from VEX Go to VEX EXP. Introducing VEX Robotics Competition  
17 Social and Personal Service Sommelier Association of Singapore Blind Tasting of Non-Alcoholic Beverages
Touch and Feel of specialized wine equipment
Engage Sommeliers on various regions and history
Chat with Michelin-Starred Sommeliers and National Champions
18 Social and Personal Service National Institute of Early Childhood Development (NIEC) Students will be able to interact with lecturers and existing students of NIEC to learn all about pursuing a course in early childhood. They can also gain a deeper insight into the curriculum through the different projects and assignments done by our current students which will be on display. 
19 Social and Personal Service St. Regis Singapore Online activities or showcase associates’ events in hotels
20 Social and Personal Service JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach Online activities or showcase associates’ events in hotels
21 Social and Personal Service HAIR & COSMETOLOGY ASSOCIATION ( SINGAPORE ) - HACOS Hair & Make-up industry career prospect and pathway.
22 Social and Personal Service Bettr Barista Pte Ltd Wheel of Opportunities: Spin the wheel and find out about
the various career pathways coffee has to offer
23 Social and Personal Service Garmin Singapore / Convergent Systems Students will be able to try out the Tacx Smart trainer which allows users to cycle in a virtual world.

Students will also get to test out Garmin smart wearables via simple exercises. 
24 Social and Personal Service Prudential Singapore We are engaging students with our TEE-Up programme that seeks to help students and young adults between 16 to 29 years old as they take charge of their goals and pro-actively curate their own career and financial wellness journeys. Students will be able to:
1. Learn of exciting opportunities that TEE-Up is offering to jumpstart their career journey in a fun and surprising way.
2. Sign up for exciting programmes that they can grow and be future ready.
3. Be inspired by our community of Gen Zs and sign up for exclusive events.
25 Social and Personal Service Resort World Sentosa S.E.A. Aquarium:Discovery Pool with sea stars / Jelly Fish Feeding
USS: Preparation process behind the shows
Sustainability initiatives in RWS
26 Social and Personal Service SINGAPORE HOTEL ASSOCIATION  Showcase the various career opportunities and progression pathways in the hospitality industry.

Simple demonstration/hands-on activity for students which will be managed by SHA’s training arm, SHATEC. Actual activity for students will be advised once confirmed.
27 Social and Personal Service Novotel Singapore on Stevens | Mercure Singapore on
We will promote the different roles in hospitality and will
have activities for these students to participate and win
28 Social and Personal Service W Singapore Sentosa Cove Mixologist Session (non-alcoholic)
Drinks can be prepared in different and fun way.
29 Social and Personal Service Raffles Hospital, Ltd. Pte Demonstration and return-demonstration of IM injection with fake syringe (toys). Participants will be able to perform a simulated IM injection with step-by-step guidance
30 Social and Personal Service Ng Teng Fong General Hospital Public CPR & AED
31 Creative Art & Fashion RJ Paper Pte Ltd Students will be able to gain insight into the local design industry through the unique perspective of starting with paper & materials. We will prepare print samples such as locally published books, zines, and calendars as well as paper swatches so that students can have a hands-on interaction with the materials.
32 Creative Art & Fashion Serial Communication Private Limited (SERIAL CO_) An immersive Augmented Reality experience. Students will be able to try AR filters with various trackers and interact with 3D-printed objects physically and virtually.
33 Creative Art & Fashion STPI – Creative Workshop & Gallery Introduction to traditional printmaking and papermaking
- Explore interdisciplinary experimentations of the medium (e.g. in fashion, architecture
- Handle fundamental printmaking and papermaking tools, such as etching press, mould and deckle, rollers and brayers
- Introduction to possible careers in the arts, and the STPI internship programme
34 Creative Art & Fashion Singapore Fashion Council Overview of Singapore Fashion Council. Key pillars on
Sustainability, Innovation & Technology and Asian
35 Creative Art & Fashion PAPER CARPENTER PTE LTD Display of cardboard furniture and props
36 Creative Art & Fashion Why? Brand Design Pte Ltd Corporate video, distribution of company swag, staff will
be present to share about what we do, QR code to direct visitors to company Instagram profile when they can have a look at our previous work
37 Creative Art & Fashion Browzwear Introduction to Browzwear’s 3D apparel solution, see how international brands like Walmart, Tommy Hilfiger are achieving sustainability goals and gaining speed for their businesses.
38 Transport and Logistics Go Ahead Singapore Pte Ltd Career opportunities
Simple technical fun facts of bus maintenance and hands on (Tentative)
Company/Business overview & technologies
39 Transport and Logistics Electude International BV Automotive learning introduction 
40 Transport and Logistics Singapore Maritime Foundation The maritime booth will have
 - maritime professional meet and greet
 - simple hands on games where students can win gifts
 - photo booth (if space is sufficient) 
41 Transport and Logistics Space Faculty Interaction with:
- Industry professionals to learn about the space industry and career opportunities, globally, in the region and in Singapore.
- Education specialists to understand relevant STEM 2.0 skills for the industry
42 Transport and Logistics LHT Holdings Limited Types of pallets that were often used in the logistics and warehousing.
43 Transport and Logistics YCH Group Pte Ltd Evolving Landscape of Logistics Sector
 Rise of Asia
 Emerging Business and Manufacturing Trend
Advancement of Technologies
Growing Demand for Professionals with new skill sets.
Career Pathways