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Restaurant Service

For a memorable dining experience, the quality of the service is something that guests often remember as much as the food and drinks served. That means that restaurant servers must show extensive knowledge of all types of cuisine and dishes, especially the ingredients and cooking style of the dishes on an á la carte menu. They will need to know and understand the methods of preparation and serving, along with the tools used. A good knowledge of beverages and wines is essential. Restaurant servers are likely to work in hotels or restaurants. However, the size, nature and quality of these establishments can vary enormously from internationally renowned hotel chains to smaller, privately owned, more intimate restaurants. The quality, style, and level of service provided and expected by guests will also vary and can range from simple self-service operations to elaborate service styles where dishes can be prepared at the guests’ table. Regardless of whether it is a self-service cafeteria or a five-star hotel restaurant, good manners, a smart appearance, and impeccable personal hygiene are equally essential.